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Yoshitoshi Tsukioka's Very Scarce (only about a dozen known copies) Book with Six Full Oban Size Prints, The Flowers of Japan and the Art of Floral Arrangement (First Edition). This is the best known existing copy of this book. Because the prints are in a book, they have been exposed to almost no light, so the colors are more vivid than anything you will ever see. Because there is no color loss, this is a unique opportunity to see what antique Japanese woodblock prints must have looked like when they were new. All but one of the prints are pristine (one has a small spot and a smudge in the margin). Even the text pages are remarkably white, indicating that very high quality, low-acidity paper was used, and the book has been well conserved. Besides Yoshitoshi's 6 oban size (10.5 x14 inches) prints, there are also 4 beautiful prints of Japanese interiors by Kawanabe Kiosui, daughter of Kiosai (or Kyosai), and 54 more full page plates depicting flower arrangements. In addition to these gorgeous and exceedingly rare prints, you get the much reprinted and still authoritative English text on the art of traditional Japanese floral arrangement. The one other copy of this book that is available on the market today is a water stained copy with an asking price of $1475.00. One of the silk ties is missing from the binding of our copy, but the book is still very solid and stable. The cloth at the head of the spine is slightly worn, and there is wear to the cover, a dark line across the corner of one b & w plate, and a 2 inch tear in the fore edge of the title page, otherwise the contents are fine and tight. A beautiful volume and a major monograph addressing the methods of flower arranging, seasonal arrangements, festive arrangements, flower vessels, ceremonies, etiquette, manipulation of cuttings, how to preserve flowers, practical examples, glossary of Japanese terms, selection of material, the history & theory of flower arrangement, and prohibited flowers. The most important and first flower arrangement monograph done in English in the 19th Century. The front and back covers are also by Yoshitoshi!