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Rare Japanese Female Haniwa Sculpture, Kofun Period, 4th century AD. This female clay figure was set in the ground at the site of a burial mound for the wealthy and Imperial class. She is a fine and graceful piece exhibiting great feminine charm. Mounted on a wood platform. This clay female figure would have stood with others in a protective circle around the tomb-mound of a powerful ruler. Her hair is swept up into an elaborate coiffure, and she wears a fashionable dress of the Kofun Period. The figure possibly may have been found near the village of Motomachi, close to the port of Konjō in Musashi Province, in present day Tokyo. Pieces like this are usually found in private collections or museums, and rarely come up for sale. Height of the figure: 7.25 inches, 18.5 cm; Height including base: 8.25 inches, 18.5 cm.